A working place where you feel welcome

Working Environment

We believe that the performance and the well-being of our employees are inseparably linked. Therefore, HMETC creates a working environment where employees feel energized and comfortable. From the first day on you will be part of your work team and quickly meet colleagues from other departments in our canteen, during language classes or whilst playing a round of table football.

There is also the possibility to meet your colleagues outside the office as we frequently offer different activities outside HMETC after work. In order to keep you physically fit and to guarantee a work-life balance HMETC offers a variety of sports activities and maintains cooperation with gyms and health counselors.

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Work-life balance

“People” is one of our core values and therefore the protection and promotion of the health and welfare of our employees is of high importance to us and an integral part of our personnel activities.

At our in-house canteen we offer a range of European, Asian and Vegetarian meals, which are not only delicious but also free of charge for all our employees. Up to two times a week we raise the awareness of a balanced diet with the help of our EquiLunch specialities, which consist of vegetables, fish or poultry.

In order to make our employees aware of the health benefits of sports, HMETC organizes Health Days. On each of these days, examinations can be booked and it is possible to receive individual counseling from professional athletes, to test your athleticism and to receive recommendations.

To continue to encourage our employees to do sporting activities we participate in the yearly JP Morgan Chase. The event combines doing sports, barbecuing and having fun together and is very popular amongst our employees. We also cooperate with different gyms and support team sport groups financially, which are organized by our employees.

Our annual family day enables our employees to give their families a glimpse of their workplace and to combine their work and private lives. The vibrant atmosphere along with good music, great food, and fun games make this day a special event to which you can look forward to.

Once a month we carry out after-work events in which we explore museums, markets or simply have a drink together. This gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues who you have not met yet and you can get to know them in a casual atmosphere.

Stephan Fitzner

I try to join the after-work events as often as possible as they give me the opportunity to meet other colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere whilst filling my leisure time with diverse activities.

Those events lead to a pleasant way of communication between my colleagues, offer memories to laugh about together and help you to join other groups at the tables in the canteen during lunch time.

Stephan Fitzner, Engineer/Powertrain

Work environment

The HMETC building was constructed in 2003 and will impress you by its light and spacious offices. Our vending machines and cost-free high quality coffee machines as well as water dispensers enable you to exchange new ideas with your colleagues by enjoying a hot Latte Macchiato in our sitting areas. Our football tables enable our employees to show their sportive skills during lunch time. As HMETC is located in the Rhein-Main area right next to the motorway, you can easily reach famous cities as for example Frankfurt am Main, Mainz and Wiesbaden, which are all close by. Let the evening end at the Main river in Frankfurt or enjoy the exhilarating atmosphere in Mainz.Markus Fein

I have been working at HMETC for over 7 years. Ever since the start I have found the Vehicle Test & Development workshop a fantastic place to work. This is due to its size, modern equipment and its cleanliness. All of which made it very easy for me to settle in and feel really comfortable here.

Markus Fein, Technician/Vehicle Test & Development