A pleasant working environment


Even during the economic crisis we have been growing continuously, offering our employees both a safe work place and also challenging projects to work on.

Our success confirms to us that we are heading in the right direction. We still continue to grow rapidly by focusing on our main success factor: the commitment and performance of our employees.

Therefore, it is important to us to create a pleasant working environment for them. This not only includes attractive working conditions but also the personal and professional development of our employees.

The working atmosphere is strongly shaped by the different cultures at HMETC. Employees of over 20 different nationalities are employed at our R&D Center giving the company a unique spirit.

Interview with George Bedenian, Engineer/ Engineering Design.

What makes working in an international company like HMETC so special and what kind of challenges do you face in your daily work?


In my opinion what is really special within this international working environment is that you learn a lot about the art of communication and that you constantly broaden your mind. You learn how to approach international colleagues, how to start a conversation and what kind of rules you might need to take into account when dealing with different kind of cultures. It is important during this process also not to forget about your own aims and needs in order to be successful in your daily job. These kinds of daily challenges are enjoyable and can be very rewarding.


How is your contact with colleagues from other nationalities?

My contact with colleagues from different countries is very good. We have many cultural exchanges which I always enjoy. Questions like “How do you celebrate Christmas”, special phrases or customs always fascinate me. During lunch, coffee breaks, business trips or after-work events you can easily get into these kinds of conversations.

Which measurements are offered by HMETC in order to support you with your work in international teams?

HMETC thrives on the diverse cultural background of its employees. The best intercultural training I had was with colleagues from Korea, the US and India in Seoul (South Korea). In addition to learning about Korean culture in business and private life, I also had the opportunity to meet colleagues from different continents and to make new friends. Having already had that face-to- face contact really helps a lot now with my daily project work in HMETC and makes the overseas communication a lot easier.

How does this affect the working in R&D?

Nowadays I cannot imagine R&D projects without being in such an international environment. At HMETC this aspect is firmly anchored within the teams. Thanks to the different views and inputs I can learn new approaches to solving problems day by day. In turn this has also made me more flexible when it comes to dealing with different issues. In the beginning of course it can take some time until a team becomes well-integrated. However, if we pull together we can achieve truly special results. This is what I especially like and why I enjoy working in such an international environment.