Success Stories


We are constantly looking for ambitious students, who are eager to learn and interested in putting their theoretical knowledge into practice. Therefore we offer students the possibility to write their bachelor or master thesis at our company. Students can make their own topic proposals or find a topic together with us.
Moreover, we offer students the chance to gain professional experience in forms of internships or flexible working arrangements. You can send us unsolicited applications throughout the whole year as we often offer various vacancies.

1. Why did you want to start working at HMETC?
I wanted to start working at HMETC because I am very interested in working with cars. In a small location like HMETC you have lots of possibilities to apply your knowledge.

2. How did the recruiting process work?
The recruiting process was really easy. I sent an application to the Human Resources Department and they organized a job interview with the responsible manager. At the job interview my personal wishes and my background were regarded and discussed. After that it did not take long until I got my contract.

3. How was your first day at HMETC?
My first day at HMETC was really exciting. I met lots of new people, who were all friendly and it was easy to find a way into the “Hyundai-family”. The biggest challenge was not to get lost in the big building.

4. What are the advantages of HMETC as an employer in particular?
One of the advantages as an employer at HMETC is the working atmosphere, which is very friendly and familiar. Another advantage is that you get lots of possibilities to apply your knowledge. Additionally, it is great to get a free lunch every day.

5. What would you suggest to other applicants, who want to start working at HMETC?
Simply apply, it is worth it.

Bachelor Student, Vehicle Test & Development