Success Stories


As the fastest growing automotive company we are looking for Professionals in design, engineering, product planning and many more departments to join our highly motivated international teams.

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1. Why did you want to start working at HMETC?
Since I was a child I wanted to work in the automotive industry, especially in the field of Powertrain. At the end of my studies I started searching for a diploma thesis and found a challenging and interesting offer at HMETC. The demanding topic and the people, working at HMETC, showed me soon, that my decision was right. I experienced a friendly and helpful working environment.

2. Could you describe your career progression since your first day at our company?
I started at HMETC as a student, writing my diploma thesis. From the first day on I have been treated as a member of the team. Three months before my thesis was finished my tutor asked me, if I could imagine continuing working for Hyundai after my diploma thesis. I gave my answer within a second: ”Of course, when can I start?”

During my first years as an engineer I took over more and more responsibilities. During all that time my manager supported me and guided me. My experience during my diploma time did not teach me wrong! I also started to be a tutor for students myself.

After just four years I was promoted to senior engineer. That made me very proud, because I realized that the management was aware of my work and my efforts.

3. What kind of perspectives do you see for students starting at HMETC?
HMETC offers a good chance for students to get in contact with the industrial environment. If a student starts at HMETC, he will soon realize, that his/her daily work does not consist of office work or making coffee. He/She has to take over responsibility and will be considered as an active team member. Beside her/his main project, she/he has always the chance to improve her/his technical and social skills. Furthermore, getting in contact with employees from around the world will help to improve his/her intercultural skills.
At any time Hyundai is searching for dedicated and motivated employees and the chance to start your career as an engineer is always given. For example the last diploma student whom I supervised has now also started successfully as an engineer in our department.

4. What are the strengths of HMETC as an employer?
For me the big strength is the teamwork all over HMETC and within the whole Hyundai Motor Group. It is a good feeling to know that I can ask people from other departments for help anytime. Furthermore, I always have the feeling that the management takes its social responsibility seriously and that it appreciates my work. That is why I enjoy working here.

5. What advises do you have for students applying at HMETC?
Be open- minded for other cultures and people and try to learn as much as possible from your colleagues.

Senior Engineer, Powertrain