We support our employees

Personnel Development

Our employees embrace the high level of responsibility which they are given within their project work at HMETC. You will be provided with opportunities to grow in an intercultural environment and to work autonomously. A wide range of training opportunities opens up excellent prospects for personal and professional development and keeps up the innovative spirit of our employees.

Further Education

No matter at which step of the career ladder you are standing, there is always a challenge to be taken. At HMETC we aim to support you with close long-term support in order to enable you to reach your personal and professional goals. Therefore, we offer a wide range of training programs using a combination of internal and external experts.

Due to our strong types of international context we offer several language classes as well as intercultural training. Both types of training provide culture-specific knowledge and support you to interact confidently in our highly international working environment.

In order to deepen your expert knowledge, in cooperation with our departments we offer subject specific training. The possibility of meeting your counterparts in Korea and other Hyundai and KIA organizations will give you valuable technical insights and will help you to build up a worldwide network. Soft skill workshops, project management sessions and other training opportunities will help you to develop your competencies further.

Our newly promoted managers are supported with standardized as well as tailor-made training measures to successfully master current and future challenges.

Overall, the variety of professional development training will help you to meet the requirements of a global player and at the same time contribute to mutual learning and knowledge transfer.

Gergana Hadzhieva

We support our employees in developing their technical and professional competencies. This is done by giving them space to develop on the one hand and by supporting them with tailor-made development measurements on the other.

At the same time we do not forget the personal aspect because for us career development is best achieved through personal development. This means that additionally we support our employees in enhancing their soft skills and in understanding different cultures in order to grow together globally and to challenge new frontiers every day.

Gergana Hadzhieva, Senior Specialist/Human Resources Development

Career Opportunities
We constantly explore new avenues and our evolving business keeps creating numerous job and career opportunities for all experience levels. Right from the start you will be actively involved in the company´s development and you will be encouraged to bring in and discuss new ideas.You will be trained and introduced into your working field by your colleagues and be integrated into the team right from your first day of work.

Quickly taking over your own areas of responsibility irrespective of your experience level characterizes our working style and our flat hierarchical structure encourages our employees to act proactively.In annual appraisal interviews your performance as well as further development activities will be discussed between you and your manager.

These appraisal interviews will give you the opportunity to delve deeper into your areas of expertise and interest, and to hone your capabilities.

Rubén Vela

At HMETC I have found the perfect environment to set my creativity free for new design proposals. Whilst being part of a dynamic multicultural team I am contributing to shape Hyundai’s presence in Europe.

Rubén Vela, Senior Designer/Exterior Design

Global chances

For specialists with an international outlook and an open mind, HMETC offers excellent opportunities. With it´s roots in South Korea and over 20 different nationalities employed at our R&D Center we provide an international working atmosphere. Our company language is English and working in our cross-cultural teams offers you further opportunities to learn and grow.

Our employees are committed to producing innovative vehicles. This also includes going on business trips throughout Europe in order to ensure that our cars meet the demanding standards of the whole European market.

Moreover, HMETC offers the opportunity to go on assignments at our R&D Center in Korea. Our employees gladly take this chance to open up to new horizons by working with their counterparts in a completely different environment.

Martin Eschle

I participated in our Global Exchange Program and worked 6 weeks in the Vehicle Test team in the Research & Development Center in Nam Yang close to Seoul in South Korea. It was exciting and a great experience to work face-to-face with my colleagues in a truly global environment.

Martin Eschle, Manager/Vehicle Test & Development