At HMETC we have several


HMETC takes over great responsibilities by developing innovative vehicles and technologies for the whole European market. With passion and inventive talent we are not afraid of taking rougher paths as well in order to become a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. In our departments we are looking for new solutions every day to achieve the highest quality for our customers. Many innovations have already been initiated at our European Research and Development Center in Rüsselsheim, which made it possible for Hyundai to stand at the very forefront of the automobile manufactures.

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Each department consists of different teams and project groups who are working on exciting and future-oriented topics. In order to achieve our set goals the information is shared amongst the employees across multiple departments.

You can read more about each of our departments in the following in order to find out which team matches your skills and ambitions the best:


The Powertrain divison develops our diesel, Turbo-GDI engines as well as mild Hybrid concepts and dual clutch transmission for the European market.

For inventing and investigating advanced technologies we are using highly sophisticated test facilities with test benches for vehicle, engine, transmission and injection components.

Development of Hyundai specific control algorithm and software functions goes in line with enhanced simulation tools like HIL and rapid prototyping.
Bastian Unterberger

HMETC offers the chance to work on challenging projects for future powertrain designs. My mission is to develop forward-looking and sustainable solutions in the area of electrification of conventional combustion engines whilst coping with high customer demands and strict emission legislations at the same time.

I´m happy to work with motivated people from all over the world in a company, which provides the latest test technologies for engines and vehicles.

Bastian Unterberger – Senior Engineer/Powertrain

Vehicle Test & Development

The Vehicle Test & Development division is responsible for developing our vehicles for the special requirements of the European market. This task includes definition in the early stages of a project, tuning and performing all related testing with test vehicles until the results are confirmed in the preproduction stage.To validate the results, benchmarking is also important. Our employees independently plan, coordinate and carry out tests/measurements on vehicles and components.Sven Risch

By working in the field of Brake and Chassis Control at HMETC, I have the possibility to actively contribute to the driving safety of our vehicles. At the moment I am working on the follow-up model of the Hyundai i20, specifically on the tuning of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC). This activity takes place under all kind of conditions, for example on snow or wet and dry tarmac, and is done at numerous test tracks worldwide.

To balance the needs of safety and performance of the ESC system for European customers is a great challenge for me in my daily job.

Sven Risch – Engineer/Vehicle Test & Development

Engineering Design

The Engineering Design Team combines a variety of development groups under one roof. Specialists in the area of Package, Body, Trim, Chassis, Seats, Safety, Simulation and Material generate the European touch for Hyundai and KIA vehicles. Cross functional development teams work on advanced innovation technologies to improve vehicle weight and cost, ride comfort and handling, quality, performance and appearance.Our Engineering Design department also supports the launch of each European vehicle model in our production plants in Russia, Turkey, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.Markus Gray

I am currently working on the new Hyundai i20 for the next FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). The challenge within this project is to provide aerodynamic improvements for building a better new rally car in a short timeframe. I very much appreciate working on such a complex motor sport development project together with my international Hyundai colleagues.

Markus Gray, Engineer/Engineering Design

Electronics System Development

We concentrate on the development of innovative Infotainment and Active Safety/Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). Due to strong customer demand towards connectivity, Infotainment became an essential part of our vehicles. Our specific challenge is the integration of complex functions and technologies into a simple to use automotive environment. In order to do that we are continuously challenging new technologies for the development of customer oriented and European specific Human Machine Interface (HMI) concepts. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer driving support and the avoidance of driver distraction.Besides Infotainment, Active safety functions like Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning are driven by legislation (Euro NCAP). We are integrating these systems and sensors into our cars by considering the best possible technology combination with the most efficient software fusion solutions. We are coping with current and future safety regulations and any newly upcoming crash requirements.Overall in the development process we are covering the whole work flow from specification creation via testing/validation (inside the laboratory/inside the car) up to the system release and system launch support of our cars.Werner Peter

In my team, we develop the next generation Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems considering the specific European customer taste. Working in a multi cultural environment and contributing to our company’s success is a great experience. Combining the international experience, strength and flavor, helps us to create great products for our customers.

Werner Peter, Head of Department/Electronics System Development

High Performance Vehicle Development

The High Performance Vehicle Development Team takes the challenge to bring the ultimate driving fun to Hyundai and Genesis high performance vehicles. Using motorsport-inspired technology we precisely check and balance all components and systems to meet the expectations of our high performance customers.

From chassis kinematics, via suspension, steering, vehicle dynamics controls, tires and brake systems to cooling and aerodynamics we cover all driving dynamic and performance related components with our team of experts.

Using Nürburgring as the world’s most challenging race track, we refine all our high performance cars to create the moment of genuine connection between car and driver.

Hyundai Design

Our Hyundai Design team focuses on the design of vehicles for the European car market and the constant development of global projects. The Design Center consists of exterior and interior designers, a color & trim team, digital designers, a design engineering team and modelers, who create scale and full size models in our extensive modeling facilities.

The international employees of our Hyundai Design Center undertake both production and concept vehicle projects with the aim to create innovative cars with a unique design for the European market and to further strengthen our reputation as one of the world´s leading carmakers.

Roberto Kühn

To develop a Concept Car as Exterior Designer means to be able to think out of the box and create fascinating and beautiful products. A passion for cars and the unique and international environment is where I take my inspiration from. A project like H9 (Intrado) shows how the future of Hyundai could look like if Design and Engineering are allowed to dream.

Roberto Kühn, Creative Manager/Exterior Design

Genesis Advanced Design

The Genesis Advanced Design team consists of exterior and interior designers working on front-loading projects for the Genesis brand. Our main task is to concentrate on the early phases of design development, to provide a vision and direction for the future cars as well as for the Genesis brand as a whole. Additionally, our team is tasked with delivering Genesis concept car design proposals. In our workflow we make extensive use of digital design tools, following a data driven design process. Our designers express their ideas using not only the conventional sketching and rendering skills but also by using 3D modeling and visualization software.

Taking advantage of these cutting edge design methods we aim to support the Genesis brand in the quest to become one of the world’s leading premium car makers.

Product Planning

The Product Planning team is responsible for the strategic direction and the planning of all the product line-up of Hyundai and KIA in Europe.
The team develops strategies and product proposals for future vehicles, powertrains and technologies. Product proposals include body type descriptions, door concepts, design characteristics, detailed packaging overviews, powertrain line-up, technical features as well as innovations.

Therefore, Product Planning analyses market data (e.g. JATO, Global Insight) and monitors current automotive as well as non-automotive technology trends (e.g. smart phones & connectivity). It also watches the competitive environment and benchmarks competitors´ products and strategies.

Moreover, the Product Planning department conducts its own market and customer research to bring the customer´s voice directly into the development process of new exciting products.

Most recently, Product Planning took over the responsibly for the innovation process within our European organization.

Vittorio D´Arienzo

I’m currently leading the next Kia cee’d generation definition. The biggest challenge is to define a product matching the customers’ needs in Europe together with safety and future fuel consumption restraints. Fortunately, I am not alone and the whole department is supporting the project by delivering a strategic guideline, market analysis and innovation research.

Vittorio D´Arienzo, Manager/ProductPlanning

Regulation, Vehicle Safety & Environment

This team assures the application of all European regulations and standards within the vehicle development process in line with the market requirements. With vehicle safety, emissions, fuel consumption, general homologation and environmental aspects, we cover all relevant disciplines for an international automotive manufacturer.The team is working in close cooperation with key-players like the European Commission, EuroNCAP, insurance companies, OICA/ACEA&EUCAR/JAMA and other major OEMs.Christoph Weimer

I work in the field of vehicle safety requirements and safety integration.

In spite of significant achievements in vehicle safety, requirements continuously grow. Considering several constraining factors it is therefore challenging yet exciting to further improve vehicle safety in our cars. I am motivated by the idea that my work contributes to a safe and confident driving experience for our customers. I also share the Vision Zero, aiming to create a road traffic environment with no fatalities and serious injuries.

A major part of my work is dedicated to New Car Assessment Programs, consumer protection organizations aiming to stimulate and accelerate dissemination of advanced safety technologies.

Being one industry representative directly involved in the development of future NCAP protocols, I promote global harmonization of test and assessment procedures as well as prioritization of future requirements based on their safety potential. With test procedures and rating schemes rapidly changing it is a challenge to communicate and implement new safety requirements into our development process with sufficient lead time. Consequently I take part in the safety performance validation as well as the external safety communication process.

Christoph Weimer, Manager/RVSE