At HMETC we are commited to

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Hyundai Motor Group is like a big family and just as in every family, it is the members that makes us unique. We recognize ourselves as a global citizen consisting of many different individuals who care for each other. In this role, we feel highly responsible for our environment – not only from an economical perspective but also with regards to social development. Our aim is to stand ‘Together for a better future’. As such Hyundai Motor Group’s slogan for CSR activities is: Moving the World Together. Our self-perception as well as our global CSR philosophy is deeply rooted among our Core Values: Customer, Challenge, Collaboration, People, Globality.

As a part of Hyundai Motor Group, the global strategy is also reflected in our local CSR concept at HMETC which is primarily based on our social responsibility towards local community and future generations.

By the engagement and unlimited support of our employees, we have successfully implemented various CSR activities in the past and will strengthen our commitment in the future.


RESEARCH – Charity Baking

Most of our colleagues love cake and some of them are also very talented in baking. Therefore, we decided to combine these two facts for charity purposes – the idea for Charity Baking was born. This initiative was implemented in 2016 and aims to collect financial donations for the Children’s Cancer Foundation in Mainz. As their contribution to Charity Baking, our employees get the possibility to bake a cake which is sold at HMETC. The collected money is doubled by our company and donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Our financial contribution shall support research projects in the area of children’s cancer in order to help children during recovery from a severe disease.

Johannes Ullrich

For my family and me, the “HMETC Charity Baking” event is a very good opportunity to contribute to our society and as Hyundai doubles the collected money – I feel also somewhat proud of my company. I say “for my family and me” because I have to confess, that all the cakes and cookies that I have “delivered” in the last years and will deliver in the future are made by my two daughters who generally enjoy baking and especially to support HMETC’s attempt to make our world a better place by implementing events like “HMETC Charity Baking”. So in the end, we hope that all the cakes – and not only ours – will find their customers and the baking event will continue to be successful in the future.

PS: Honestly speaking: I don’t like cakes so much. I always try to “steal” some of the pastry before it is baked ☺.”

Johannes Ullrich, Section Manager/Powertrain

SHARING – Star Talers

We have been organizing the Star Talers initiative in cooperation with different local children’s homes since 2014. It is addressed to children in need and organized during the pre-Christmas period. After receiving the children’s wish lists, our employees can choose a wish, buy the respective item and wrap it as a nice present. All presents are handed over to the children’s homes by our famous HMETC Santa right before Christmas.

Our aim is to support and help those who are less fortunate than us because nothing is more valuable than children’s smile.

Alejandro Hombravella

What would be Christmas without children? What would it be like if a child receives no gifts?
Children’s hope and faith grow as Christmas Eve gets closer and closer. Wishes come true in a magical evening of pure happiness and endless joy. Ultimately, all emotions intensify.
Making children’s small dreams come true is just a small effort for us, which can have a huge positive impact on them.
I am glad that my small contribution is helping this cause, because every single child deserves it.

Alejandro Hombravella, Engineer/Vehicle Test & Development

MOBILITY – Bobby Car Challenge


The Bobby Car Challenge aims to donate bobby cars designed by our employees in Hyundai style to integrative day care centers which also support children with disabilities. This initiative combines the creativity of our employees and our passion for cars with charity and will be implemented in February 2018.

EDUCATION – Books for Future


The Books for Future initiative aims to donate books to school classes in order to build up small libraries. Scholars can write a poem or a short story, our employees choose one of these poems or stories and buy a book which reflects the content. All books will be donated to the school.

We are cooperating with certified MINT schools which are focusing on mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences and technology and therefore linked to R&D. Books for Future will be implemented at HMETC in May 2018.